:::: stuttgarter zeitung

"fried dähn, who has played with the world's greatest avant-garde artists, gave a performance which went straight to the heart".

:::: reutlinger nachrichten

"he projects himself into space, transplants bach to mars, flies over africa and asia, stops briefly by jimi hendrix and john cage.a journey into time, groovy,groovy, magical, bizarre,humorous".

:::: main-echo

"dähn creates a world of wilfully entrancing complexity and unmistakeable commitment; suddenly a beautiful motif appears, then he juxtaposes puritan classic with distorted sound, instinctively provokes metaphorical associations between gurgling speech fragments and folk-music."

:::: rhein-neckar-zeitung

"one thing immediately captivated: fried dähn's performance on the e-cello [...] stylistically crossing all boundaries, he showed the audience which way contemporary music could be heading, and the electronic possibilities will be playing a decisive part."

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